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“I have always regarded the forward edge of the battlefield as the most exclusive club in the world.”

Brian Horrocks

We are building a community of leaders from impactful businesses across industries. If you are interested in the effect you can have in leading change from where you are – regardless of your current role – apply to join.

Our community members are the first to learn from us about remarkable examples of impact that individual professionals can have in businesses that in turn has an effect on the world. We also select outstanding examples that our members share with the rest of the community. Our members are also the first to find out about the events we are organising.

While there are membership-based associations out there that unite select professionals from businesses that have signed up for various sustainability initiatives, these tend to be limited to very select roles. For example, the CFO Taskforce for the SDGs is exclusively reserved for CFOs or equivalent corporate officers. Others involve a membership fee that can limit the number of members who can join from each business. 

We seek to keep our community open for applications across roles from businesses that can have a significant impact. Yet, as we seek to keep the community free of membership fees, we use a vetted process to help us manage the administrative load as it is sponsored by us.

Apply to become part of a community of leaders across industries and roles who are driven to have an impact from where they are.

When applying, please let us know whether your company belongs to any of the groups listed within the form. Please tick all that you believe are applicable, as this helps us tailor our content for our members.

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