Other Sectors

“There is no company whose business model won’t be profoundly affected by the transition to a net zero economy.”

Larry Fink

The private sector has an essential role in achieving the Paris goal and all of the SDGs alongside the efforts by governments and civil society. Businesses of various sizes across sectors recognise that expectation from the society and are declaring increasingly ambitious pledges. Simultaneously, pressure on corporates to credibly demonstrate how they intend to achieve their pledges, such as their stated net-zero targets, is intensifying.

Substantial shifts are needed within businesses to deliver on these promises and innovate rapidly enough not to be accused of empty promises and purpose washing. Companies are responding to that need with a variety and combination of approaches. Some businesses are rebranding their existing roles to include a sustainability function, others create specialist sustainability units and are buying in further expert advice, some train their whole staff on climate change issues. The need for that expertise is not decreasing and there is a shortage of talent in the field.

It is not only multinationals that can have a transformative effect on the world. Start-ups and medium sized enterprises can disrupt current ways of doing business by introducing radically innovated products and services that redefine what is considered being a leader in the industry.

It is increasingly evident that sustainability needs to be embedded into businesses and it can no longer serve as a separate siloed function. We help businesses to move faster towards that.

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