Dr. Birgit Vallmüür

“Envision the scale of value beyond wealth that a multinational corporation can rapidly create if deciding to leave a responsible legacy.”

Birgit Vallmüür

Our Founder and Managing Director – Dr Birgit Vallmüür – launched TitanSwan driven by her passion while building on her unique experience.

She has advised governments globally including working with the Finance Minister level from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. As a former senior civil servant, she has developed and led strategic budgeting and management of a sovereign nation, drafted a national foresight system for one of the most innovative and agile governments in the world and created a national base analysis for allocating €3.5 billion considering global future trends like climate change.

However, her experience with governments convinced her that the change the world needs must be more rapidly pursued than the government limitations and timelines allow.

This motivated her to bring her 16 years of unique experience combining advisory services for private and public sector organisations at PwC and KPMG, central senior roles in diplomatic settings, and academic expertise in management and governmental sciences to inspire and support businesses in creating value beyond wealth at this critical time.

Dr Vallmüür is the creator of a corporate legacy approach for sustainability leadership. She has advised listed and multinational companies, and has taught management and executive education courses full time for half a decade and her PhD thesis focussed on green integrity.

She has spoken to the faculties of 11 leading business schools in the world about the values being taught in these business schools. Global speaker’s bureau Chartwell Speakers considers her a fresh voice in the field and represents her as a speaker in sustainability and business.