“We do not have time to debate who should lead the change – we need to encourage everyone with large-scale impact to do their utmost to make a difference rapidly.”

Birgit Vallmüür

A boutique consulting firm established to accelerate environmental, societal, and financial value creation even in the toughest industries by disrupting sustainability leadership thinking.  

Established to unleash your sustainability potential

The need for impactful businesses to take a lead in global sustainability efforts has never been greater. TitanSwan was established to inspire impactful businesses to take that step and support them in this effort. The time to create results has never been more urgent than it is now. 

We bring a novel approach to inspire and help executives and businesses to step into that role and unleash the potential for sustainable solutions within these companies. We help businesses create stakeholder value that they are proud of.

While created to support the corporates with the biggest impact, we recognise that many other businesses can play an important role in determining the future of our planet’s climate, ecosystems, and the people, so we are open to supporting also these businesses in their journey.

We trust that you can lead the transition

Our Managing Director has advised governments globally including working alongside Finance Ministers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. However, her experience with governments convinced her that the change the world needs must be more rapidly pursued than the government limitations and timelines allow. 

It is a long-held belief of our founder that we do not have time to debate who should lead the change, but we need to encourage everyone with large-scale impact to do their utmost to make a difference rapidly.

This motivated her to bring her 16 years of unique experience combining advisory services for private and public sector organizations at PwC and KPMG, central senior roles in diplomatic settings, and academic expertise in management and governmental sciences to inspire and support businesses in creating value beyond wealth at this critical time.

We strive to deliver rapid results for your business

We do not seek to be your go to long term sustainability experts – we want to do our utmost so you could rapidly become one and maintain that independently. We are bringing our best to help executives and corporates who are willing to have a substantial positive impact. 

We exist to support sustainability leadership throughout your business and we have developed a unique methodology to deliver that. We rely exclusively on senior subject matter experts in our projects and do not employ junior staff working on your project behind the scenes. The team presented to you is the team that delivers.

Our objective is to deliver far reaching impact rapidly. In a way that suits your business the best and only bringing the experts needed for your results. 

Interested to learn how we could support sustainability leadership in your business? Get in touch.