Leadership Discussions

“The emissions gap is the result of a leadership gap.”

António Guterres

We give corporate talks and hold customised leadership discussions with executives and boards to bring new perspectives to their sustainability thinking. Challenging their current frames of thinking helps them to step back for a moment and review their perspective. We also encourage them to consider the options of unlocking the existing potential in their businesses to create more value by increasing innovation in a way that can also improve employee engagement. Whether we deliver this by keynote speeches, talks or a mix of workshops, speeches and coaching, depends on your circumstances.

Increasing Sustainability In The Business From The C-Suite

As CEOs personally substantially impact corporate responsibility in their businesses, it is of significant importance for the overall sustainability of their businesses that CEOs and executive teams allow themselves to step back and reflect on the perspective they use and the impact they currently have.

Or leadership discussions can help CEOs and executive teams to consider the potential that they can easily unleash in their companies to add societal and environmental value to financial results that they create.

Involving The Board To Directing Sustainability In The Business And Beyond

While boards tend to be given guidelines to be stewards of sustainability in their business in a way that assumes uniformity among boards and expects them to function in isolation from other businesses. Also, many guidelines suggested by business press tend to be contradictory and leave boards with the task of selecting the most suitable source. Also, boards often do not recognise the crucial role that CEOs play in the sustainability results of the whole business.

In our leadership discussions with directors, we bring clarity when it comes to conflicting suggestions and we can shed light on the impact they have on the sustainability with CEO selection and expectations. We also acknowledge the sustainability risks and opportunities stemming from the interlinkages with other businesses that the directors are connected to.

Supporting Sustainability Executives And Teams In Involving Company-Wide Resources To Create Results

Sustainability executives and teams can, in some businesses, find themselves rather marginalised and isolated while having to implement sustainability initiatives throughout their organisations.

We address in our leadership discussions how their efforts of delivering sustainability results at the corporate level can be supported by tapping into the unused potential that other functions and units hold in achieving these objectives.

Triggering Specialised Sustainability Leadership Throughout The Business To Create Impact And Innovation

Many businesses seek to reach their sustainability targets by implementing uniform sustainability approaches in their organisations.

Our leadership discussions shed light on how triggering specialised sustainability leadership throughout the business prepares companies for the new realities where sustainability focus becomes a natural part of other functions in the business. It also enables businesses to tackle the challenge of competing for sustainability professionals the coming years while there is a war for sustainability talent.

If you are curious about how you could benefit from our approach, do get in touch.