Is your business up to speed delivering on pledges?

We help businesses accelerate sustainability. Our approach brings the focus on delivering sustainability innovations and helps businesses stand out with demonstrable achievements backing their pledges.


Curious about how we could support you? 

Are you using all sustainability opportunities?

We help to create corporate cultures that trigger sustainability leadership across the firm for the company to benefit from all of the sustainability innovations their people can initiate.


Curious about how we could support you? 

Are there secrets under your sustainable surface?

Our approach focusses on creating true sustainability wins to help businesses protect their brand and create financial, social, and environmental value.


Curious about how we could support you? 


TitanSwan helps companies accelerate innovation to create societal, environmental, and financial value by enhancing sustainability leadership throughout their businesses. We deliver value in two main ways:  bespoke corporate solutions to implement immediate sustainability shifts in your business practices and customised leadership discussions.

Bespoke Services

We enhance value creation & sustainability focus throughout your business – from the C-suite and boardroom to specialised business units. 

Leadership Discussions

We bring new perspectives to your sustainability thinking and encourage increasing innovation and commitment.


Our ground breaking approach is applicable across sectors – from private to public and international organisations. We have, however, tailored it further for the most challenging industries.


Businesses in the oil and gas sector find themselves at crossroads: transform or risk becoming redundant. 


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment is increasingly becoming reputationally critical. 


Even despite the pandemic, sustainability and climate change are still top concerns of consumers globally.


The private sector has an essential role in achieving the Paris goal and all of the SDG’s. We’ll help you achieve yours.

At this salient point of human history, making sure the right and best courses of action are taken by all those in power from top to bottom to change the direction of economies and society (so that we don’t rapidly face terrifying consequences) does not solely require world-class governance. That’s what Birgit Vallmüür has identified in her superb research work where she points to the specific risks that people face when implementing corporate purpose. Her work is thorough as much as it is informed by front-line work experience. Clearly, she is able to provide excellent support and framework for how to get your organization’s rubber hit the road most effectively.

Jerome Wittamer

Managing Partner - , Expon Capital

Defining the corporate purpose and focusing on responsibility and sustainability issues in the widest meaning are of growing importance in modern business management. Having a client-driven strategy consultant by your side to help refining your goals will make the difference and support your success.

Kalle Viks

Former Head on Issuer Services at Nasdaq Tallinn - (Currently serving in Supervisory Boards of two Estonian SOEs, AS Eesti Post and AS Eesti Liinirongid)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Estonia

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